Friday 21 February 2020  |  7:30PM



Music making between siblings has a palpable ease, the unspoken affinity of kinship. Multiply that by two, and you have the Band of Brothers four internationally acclaimed musicians, two sets of siblings, one super group. Their collaboration celebrates lifelong friendships, a shared sense of humour, and musical sensibilities that have been linked since birth. With their collective Egyptian, Coptic and Armenian heritages, rigorous training in Eastern and Western classics, fluency in jazz and traditional improvisational styles, their music is a beautiful portrait of contemporary Australia.

Joseph Tawadros | Oud
James Tawadros | Riq' / Bendir
Slava Grigoryan | Guitar
Leonard Grigoryan | Guitar

Photo Credits:
Joseph Tawadros: Daniel Sponiar
Grigoryan Brothers: Simon Schiff

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