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Jordi Savall with Hespčrion XXI


Sun 26 Feb 2023
2:30PM or 6PM
Duration (approx)
2 Hours
20 minutes

Complimentary afternoon tea served during interval of both concerts

A short Q&A with Jordi Savall will precede the first concert at 1:30PM

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‘All the mornings of the world may fade away, but Jordi Savall endures.’
– Boston Globe

‘In the pantheon of musicians, Jordi Savall looms large. Along with a handful of visionaries from the first wave of the Early Music movement, he brought an instrument back to life after a period of slumber that had lasted a couple of centuries. His musical and personal charisma reintroduced listeners to the eloquence, virtuosity, and poetry of the viola da gamba, and together with his late wife, Montserrat Figueras, and a band of faithful collaborators, he’s played thousands of concerts across the world, made hundreds of recordings, and left a trail of memories, inspiration, students, fans, and accolades in his wake. Through his life in music, he’s contributed more than five decades of glorious international music making, first revitalising the historical classics of his instrument, and gradually casting the net wider and wider, as his creativity and drive took him out into realms none of us had imagined.

In 2023, we celebrate Ulrike Klein AO, another visionary and free spirit who has created possibilities for many. It seems fitting that Jordi Savall joins the celebrations with a concert at UKARIA – two great dreamers and doers, united in their love for music, and their generosity in sharing it with others.’

– Genevieve Lacey, Artistic Advisor, UKARIA

A short Q&A with Jordi Savall hosted by Genevieve Lacey will precede the first concert at 1:30PM

Jordi Savall
Direction and Treble Viol

Philippe Pierlot
Alto Viol

Lixsania Fernández
Tenor Viol

Juan Manuel Quintana
Bass Viol

Lorenz Duftschmid
Bass Viol

Xavier Puertas

Enrike Solinís
Theorbo and Guitar

David Mayoral

Jordi Savall: David Ignaszewski

This tour is proudly supported by


Innocentio Alberti (ca. 1535–1615)
Pavin of Alberti & Galliard
Christopher Tye (ca. 1505–1572)
In Nomine XII Crye
Robert Parson (1535–1572)
The song called trumpets ŕ 6
Pierre Attaignan (14941552)
Pavane La Guerre
Orlando Gibbons (1583–1625)
In Nomine ŕ 4

John Dowland (ca. 1563–1626)
Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
John Dowland (ca. 1563–1626)
The King of Denmark's Galliard

Giovanni Maria Trabaci (1575–1647)
Durezze e ligature
Gioseffo Guami (1542–1611)
Canzona 4: Sopra La Battaglia
Anthony Holborne (1545–1602)
Galliard (24)

Clement Woodcock (1540–1590)
Browning my dear ŕ 5
John Ward (1571–1638)
In Nomine ŕ 6
Anonymous (Mss. Philidor, 1600)
Pavane de la petite Guerre & Gaillarde ŕ 6


William Brade (1560–1630)
Turkische Intrada
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (1575–1628)
Fantasia ŕ 6
William Brade (1560–1630)
Galliard ŕ 6
John Jenkins (1592–1678)
The Bell Pavan ŕ 6
Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627)
Tiento de Batalla
Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654)
Galliard Battaglia

Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643–1704)
Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
Fantasia Upon One Note
Johann Sebastian Bach (16851750)
Contrapunctus 19 alla duodecima
Juan Cabanilles (1644–1712)
Obertura & Corrente Italiana

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26 Feb 2023
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26 Feb 2023
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