Saturday 15 September 2018  |  7:30PM

Piers Lane performs the complete Nocturnes of Frédéric Chopin in the candlelit intimacy of UKARIA Cultural Centre.

‘Chopin is no longer listening. He is at the piano and does not observe that we are listening to him. He improvises as if haphazardly. He stops. “Eh bien, eh bien”, exclaims Delacroix, “ce n’est pas fini!”

“It hasn’t begun. Nothing’s coming to me...nothing but reflections, shadows, reliefs that won’t settle. I’m looking for the colour, but I can’t even find the outline.”

“You won’t find one without the other,’ responds Delacroix, ‘and you’re going to find them both.”

“But if I find only the moonlight?”

“You’ll have found the reflection of a reflection,” answers Maurice.

This idea pleases the divine artist. He resumes playing without seeming to recommence, so vague and hesitant is its musical outline. Little by little our eyes become filled with those soft colours corresponding to the suave modulations taken in by our auditory senses. And then the note bleue resonates and there we are, in the azure of the transparent night. Light clouds take on all the forms of fantasy; they fill the sky; they crowd round the moon which casts upon them large opal discs, awakening their dormant colours. We dream of a summer night: we await the nightingale. A sublime melody arises.’

George Sand, Impressions et Souvenirs (1841)

Frédéric Chopin (1810–1849)

Trois Nocturnes, Op.9

No.1 in B flat minor
No.2 in E flat major (version with later authentic variants)
No.3 in B major

Trois Nocturnes, Op.15

No.1 in F major
No.2 in F sharp major
No.3 in G minor

Deux Nocturnes, Op.27

No.1 in C sharp minor
No.2 in D flat major

Deux Nocturnes, Op.32

No.1 in B major
No.2 in A flat major

Deux Nocturnes, Op. 37

No.1 in G minor
No.2 in G major


Deux Nocturnes, Op. 48

No.1 in C minor
No. 2 in F sharp minor

Deux Nocturnes, Op.55

No.1 in F minor
No.2 in E flat major

Deux Nocturnes, Op.62

No.1 in B major
No.2 in E major

Nocturne in E minor, Op.72 No.1 [Op. posthumous]

Nocturne in C minor, KKIVb No.8

Lento con gran espressione [Nocturne] in C sharp minor, KKIVa No.16

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