Sunday 30 August 2020  |  2:30PM


It is with great sadness that we announce this concert has been cancelled. As many of you know, we have endeavoured to reschedule as many of our concerts as possible. However, while our borders remain closed, there is currently no viable way for international artists to travel to Australia. We have paid twenty-five per cent of the fees for these artists as a gift, to help them get through this difficult time. To our patrons who have already donated their tickets for other concerts in support of this initiative, we extend our deepest and sincerest thanks to you all once again.

Below is a link that will enable you to access the refund options for your ticket(s):

You'll need to log in to your UKARIA account using your email address and password. From there you will be able to select from one of the following options:

1. A full refund delivered to the account used to purchase your ticket(s)
2. A Gift Voucher (credit) valid to 31 December 2022
3. Gift your ticket(s) as a tax-deductible donation to UKARIA

If you have any questions, or experience any difficulties logging in to your account, please don't hesitate to contact us on (08) 8227 1277.

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