Location: Concert Hall Foyer, UKARIA Cultural Centre

Piltati, the subject and title of this painting, is an important site near Nyapari at the base of the Mann Ranges in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. This waiting is the first collaborative work by Ginger Wikilyriri and Keith Stevens, both senior Pitjantjatjara artists and cultural law men, and it is epic in both scale and content.

The painting encompasses the journey involving the Wanampi ancestral beings giant water serpents with the power to travel above and below grounded to take the form of Wati Kutjara (two initiated men). This painting represents an episode relating to the two snake brothers and their wives.

As senior custodians, Wikilyiri and Keith Stevens have cultural responsibilities and obligations to Piltati and they regularly travel to the sites depicted in the work. Both nurture and share connections to Country through dance and song and through visual mark-making, on the body and, in this instance, on canvas.

'Piltati' is generously on loan from the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Location: Twin Peaks, Mt Barker Summit

In 2018, UKARIA received a donation of 47 abstract prints from the personal collection of Peter Freund, currently on display at our artist accomodation at Twin Peaks at the Mount Barker Summit.

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