In 2018, UKARIA was gifted 47 abstract European prints from the personal collection of Peter Freund. In May 2018, they were framed and hung on the walls of our artist accomodation, Twin Peaks, which sits aloft the Mount Barker Summit.

Peter Freund is a close friend of Gustave Meincke and Ulrike Klein. They visit him each year at his nursing home in Southern Germany. A passionate collector of abstract art, Peter donated around 150 original prints to the Museum of Stellenbosch in South Africa, where he lived for many years. Now aged 90, he decided to donate his remaining 47 prints to UKARIA, to make them accessible to our artists and audiences.

The collection includes work by Willi Baumeister, Hans Werner Berretz, Peter Brüning, Jean Capedeville, Rolf Cavael, Michel Cornu, Ken Denning, Yale Epstein, Maurice Estéve, Johnny Friedländer, Hans-Peter Gilg, Karl-Otto Goetz, Elizabeth Harrington, Hans Hartung, Gerhard Hoehme, Paul Jenkins, Sonja Jufer, Kim en Joong, Gottfried Körner, Henning Kürschner, Lionel, Angelo Lucia, Alfred Manessier, Ysabel Mavit, Georg Meistermann, Jean Miotte, Gilbert Portanier, Guiseppe Santomaso, Gerard Scheider, Bernard Schultze, Emil Schumacher, Pierre Soulage, Walter Stöhrer, Antoni Tapies, Fred Thieler, Bran val Velde, Fritz Winter, and Zao Wou-ki.

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