Monday 5 Friday 9 November 2018

From 59 November, award winning Australian musician and composer Nick Wales is in residence at UKARIA. The residency will be the first stage in the creative development of a new work entitled Kinetic Wonderland a collaboration with Japanese kinetic sculptor artist Shun Ito. Their shared vision is to create a space of beauty, peace and wonder through music and visual art with immersion into the vibrations of the natural world.

Both artists use technology in organic ways. The music of Nick Wales incorporates the organics of acoustic instruments interwoven with digital manipulation and electronics. Shun Ito's metallic sculptural work is similarly based in technical precision, creating organic forms that move in space to reflect the complexity and beauty of nature.

Shun Ito travels from Japan to join Nick Wales for the residency, which also includes musicians Bree van Reyk (percussion), Veronique Serret (violin), Jess Green (voice and electric guitar), Alyx Dennison (voice and keys), and designers Bob Scott (sound design), Tony Assness (theatre design) and Damien Cooper (lighting design). Kinetic Wonderland is produced by Virginia Hyam and Julianne Pierce from creative producing company Art Engineers.

Key creative personnel in residence at UKARIA:

Nick Wales | composer

Shun Ito | kinetic sculptor

Bree van Reyk | percussion

Veronique Serret | violin

Jess Green | voice / electric guitar

Alyx Dennison | voice / keys

Bob Scott | sound design

Tony Assness | theatre design

Damien Cooper | lighting design

Virginia Hyam | producer

Julianne Pierce | producer

This is the final residency for 2018 as part of a partnership between UKARIA and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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