Our four-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage was extended in 2020 to include a state-of-the-art rehearsal studio designed by Anton Johnson the architect responsible for UKARIA. Anton worked hand in hand with Cameron Hough (the acoustician from ARUP who also worked on UKARIA), and together they crafted a magnificent extension of our facilities.

The design matches the aesthetic used in the auditorium of UKARIA Cultural Centre, and utilises many of the same materials: the hoop-pine ceiling rises and falls in a series of steps to scatter and diffuse the sound, and the walls are lined with battens of yellow cedar from Alaska, each at varying depths to simulate the sound of a much larger acoustic.

The new rehearsal space now means we are able to host concerts and residencies simultaneously: musicians can rehearse here while others perform down in the main hall, and we can accomodate up to three different groups of artists all in self-contained areas at the same time. The rehearsal studio will also be used to facilitate a new masterclass program to support and inspire young artists.

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