In 2010 UKARIA embarked on one of the most significant philanthropic projects in Australia's musical history - the acquisition of a unique quartet of rare stringed instruments (c.1743-1784) crafted by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini.

Guadagnini is one of history’s foremost luthiers, in company with Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu. Once complete, this matched set of instruments will be the only one of its kind in the world. We intend to make it available as a set in perpetuity to Australia’s most outstanding quartet. The current recipients are the Australian String Quartet.

Through the generosity of Ulrike Klein, the Klein Family Foundation, Maria Myers AC, Allan Myers AC, the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation and many other donors, UKARIA has acquired the first violin, viola and cello at a total cost of $5,047,600. The final instrument is the magnificent second violin crafted in Piacenza in c.1748-49.

Ulrike had the vision for this project after an inspirational weekend of music with the Australian String Quartet in Dunkeld in 2009. She made a personal commitment by purchasing the second violin from Beares in London in 2010 agreeing to hold it until UKARIA had raised the funds to purchase it. Read more:

With your help our goal is to acquire the second violin by the end of this calendar year. Through donations and pledges we have received a total of $1,066,075 so far. This leaves only $52,874 to raise.

"Since 2010, the UKARIA foundation, through Ulrike Klein and her family foundation as well as other generous donors, have been raising funds ($6.1m) to acquire this unique set of instruments that can be loaned to the ASQ ‘in perpetuity’. There is still another $70,000 needed to secure this truly remarkable legacy. Onwards, ASQ and UKARIA, and upwards!"

- Vincent Plush, Limelight Magazine, November 2017

Ulrike, Directors and Staff of UKARIA and everyone who has donated or pledged invites you to join us by making a tax deductible donation to UKARIA either this financial year or next so we can acquire the instrument. With your support this vision will become a great Australian cultural legacy. If you would care to make a donation you can do so by cheque (made out to UKARIA), by phone 08 8227 1277 using your credit card or EFT, or online via the link below:

This project has brought together a group of visionary patrons who understand the significant cultural value in a collection of this calibre. The Board of UKARIA recognises and thanks the following donors who have each made a significant contribution to this project.

Ulrike Klein

Allan J Myers AC

Maria J Myers AC

James and Diana Ramsay Foundation

Klein Family Foundation

Diana McLaurin

Joan Lyons

Mrs F.T. MacLachlan OAM

Mr H.G. MacLachlan

David and Pam McKee

Hartley Higgins

Ian and Pamela Wall

Mary Louise Simpson

Janet and Michael Hayes

Richard Harvey

Jill Russell

Lyndsey and Peter Hawkins

Mrs S.T. McGregor

Jari and Bobbie Hryckow

Lang Foundation

Macquarie Foundation

Anonymous (1)

Elizabeth Clayton

Frances Gerard

Janet McLachlan

John Clayton

Katherine E. Fennell

Nigel Steele Scott

Peter and Pamla McKee

Robert O'Callaghan and Pam O'Donnell

Sidney Myer Fund

Click here to read more about the generosity of the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation.

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